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Art Opinion: Articles and Insight for the 21st Century Artist

I read another post today with the same message I’ve been hearing and reading lately—that art is dead. It was written by. . . read more

As a tried-and-true coloured pencil artist, I was often discouraged by teachers during my high school art studies, frowned upon. . . read more

Being an artist can be tough, because everybody has an opinion about your work. Even art school can be cruel. You have to develop a tough skin if you want to be an artist!

That being said, there is an important distinction between a valuable piece of criticism and an opinion.

What is that distinction? Mainly, the person who makes the comment. If you value that person, then. . . read more

Being a hardened user of traditional media (and not the most techie of folk) my involvement so far in the world of digital art. . . read more

Why do I hate so much of our 20th century visual art with such a passion? I’m certainly not that way with music. I have. . . read more

I had to run back into the house last Friday to get another tourniquet.

As I raced back out I passed the open laptop in the kitchen and saw about 20 messages with the name of this essay I had recently written in the subject line.

It appeared to me that someone . . . read more

As an artist who has just returned, road weary and exhausted from two back-to-back outdoor art festivals, I take great exception. . . read more

Here's a question for you. In your opinion, do you think the following painting would be accepted into a juried art fair by a. . . read more

No one can deny that the internet opens up numerous opportunities for the artist. . . but how does selling online compare to a more traditional route?

Today I want to compare and contrast attending, say, a craft show in person, versus selling your artwork through an online gallery.

1. Dealing with the elements

At a show:

If it's bad weather, trying to. . . read more

The term “starving artist” is so familiar it has its own page on Wikipedia. So I was intrigued (and perplexed) when I read a. . . read more

I was reading a forum discussion recently about painting trees. . . it stood out to me because the artist was trying to paint. . . read more

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