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Watercolor Artists

Sometimes what you see is not exactly what you get. . . and Angela Emsen-West’s images create that double-take. They seem like. . . read more

When it comes to technique, Brian Cody is primarily a traditional watercolor artist. His subject matter and quirky compositions,. . . read more

Elisha Dasenbrock is a representational watercolor artist and a graduate of the American Academy of Art. She focuses primarily on figures and portraits, although she also dabbles in abstracts.

All of Elisha's work is incredibly rich with emotion due to her wonderful use of light and shadow. It's her portraits, however, that. . . read more

It’s always a delight to run across an artist who uses a medium or technique in a fresh way. Joe Cibere has taken watercolor. . . read more

This week’s featured artist is Rebecca Elfast, a Swedish architect and painter whose dramatic watercolor paintings prove that. . . read more

Today's featured artist is Mingming Bowerson, a Pennsylvania painter known for her vibrant watercolors and beautiful use of both line and color.

As you'll see in a moment, most of Mingming's paintings exhibit a fine balance between being drawn and being painted.

Take a look at Afternoon Tea, below. It. . . read more

Benoit Philippe is a Parisian born artist (now living in the United Kingdom) who works with watercolors, oils, and pastels.. . . read more

This week's featured artist is Greg Marquez, a watercolor painter from Colorado whose watercolor landscapes first impressed me. . . read more

Today's featured artist is Erik Tiemens, a watercolor and gouache painter, as well as a film concept artist who has worked on such movies as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, and even the more recent Star Wars trilogy. Although Tiemens uses digital tools when creating concept art for films, his art blog showcases mostly watercolor and gouache. . . read more

I received an email a short while ago from Jude Bennitto asking that I review one of her paintings. Overall, when I visited her. . . read more

William K. Moore is a Los Angeles based artist who paints in oils and watercolors. I first noticed Moore’s work on his painting. . . read more

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