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Other Mediums, Including Textile Art, Mixed Media Work and Digital Art.

Glasgow, Scotland native David Munroe is inspired by environmental elements—the weather, rusting metal and aging wood, water,. . . read more

Like her art, Vanessa Aves is a woman of deep complexity. One of her standout achievements to date is an autobiography. . . read more

As a young girl, Alyice Edrich was taught that creating with one's hands—whether it be crafting, baking, painting, or taking photos—was a great way to lift the soul. Today, it's still the one thing that truly makes her feel alive.

Much of Alyice's current work is a combination of scanned hand-painted papers, textured digital papers,. . . read more

As a child, Karen Morrow taught herself how to draw, and today, her favorite medium still remains colored pencil and graphite.. . . read more

Alan Derrick’s 3D metal pop art pays uncanny tribute to past and present iconic figures, and his work possesses qualities. . . read more

Kathryn Uster knows art—and the art of persistence. During her last college semester, she was injured in a car accident that would test her ability to complete even the simplest task. With a zealous spirit, positive attitude and hardcore perseverance, Kathryn relearned in a year capabilities most take for granted every day.

An admirable. . . read more

As a young artist, Lebanese painter Roula Chreim drew inspiration from the boxy houses and flowery meadows within her former. . . read more

Wildlife artist Anjana, who hails from exotic Bangalore, India, creates incredibly detailed artwork from her home country. She. . . read more

Pierick Smith has a rich family background in art.

It's a tradition going all the way back to his great uncle, Dudley Huppler (an accomplished artist who had a working relationship with Andy Warhol) and his grandmother who taught music at. . . read more

If English artist and illustrator Dan Olivier-Argyle can make even one person smile with his artwork, he’ll consider it a job. . . read more

For more than 20 years, Wisconsin-based textile artist Jean Judd has created quilted artwork featuring dense, textural stitching. . . read more

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