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Other Mediums, Including Textile Art, Mixed Media Work and Digital Art.

Nicolas Delille is a 29-year-old, French graphic designer and former art director with seven years of experience in advertising. . . read more

An artistic jack of all trades, Eric Sweet creates vibrant charcoal portraits, colorful wildlife paintings, meticulous. . . read more

Contemporary Bolivian/American artist Charlene Eckels aims to promote Bolivian social and cultural heritage through her work. Although currently studying at UNC Wilmington, Charlene has had her fair share of overseas adventure—she’s lived and studied at the national art school in Bolivia, taught art for orphans there, and has even survived an. . . read more

It’s not difficult to figure out what influences Cyndy Cmyth as you view her gently expressive mixed media artwork: it’s. . . read more

Glasgow, Scotland native David Munroe is inspired by environmental elements—the weather, rusting metal and aging wood, water,. . . read more

Like her art, Vanessa Aves is a woman of deep complexity. One of her standout achievements to date is an autobiography she's written entitled “Pendulum” filled with diverse artwork that delves into her life—both as an artist, and someone who strives to live a fully productive and happy life each day while battling the effects of. . . read more

As a young girl, Alyice Edrich was taught that creating with one’s hands—whether it be crafting, baking, painting, or. . . read more

As a child, Karen Morrow taught herself how to draw, and today, her favorite medium still remains colored pencil and graphite.. . . read more

Alan Derrick’s 3D metal pop art pays uncanny tribute to past and present iconic figures, and his work possesses qualities similar to sculptures and paintings, alike.

To begin, Alan layers two abstract steel cut-outs against a third solid black panel. He then cuts and stacks floating layers of metal in a way that creates the illusion of depth,. . . read more

Kathryn Uster knows art—and the art of persistence. During her last college semester, she was injured in a car accident that. . . read more

As a young artist, Lebanese painter Roula Chreim drew inspiration from the boxy houses and flowery meadows within her former. . . read more

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