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Mixed-media Artwork

Mixed media artist Cassandra loves creative projects with many different layers and elements, and doesn’t worry about. . . read more

Colorado artist Kellie Day creates fun-filled, quirky collages on canvas guaranteed to make you embrace your child-like wonder. . . read more

San Francisco Bay area artist Jennifer Perlmutter takes mixed-media to a highly sophisticated level with her stunningly intricate creations on wood and canvas.

Jennifer combines aspects of her childhood spent in Napa, California, with urban elements inspired by her delight in the modern metropolises of Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.. . . read more

Soulful, moody and passionate—Nora’s artwork encompasses every intense feeling, thought and emotion in existence, and serves. . . read more

Most successful artists have a common thread running through their work - some kind of unifying element or distinct style that. . . read more

Karen Ramsay is an artist who enjoys capturing the "everyday ordinary" through her ink and watercolor plein air paintings.

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado, Karen devotes much of her time to drawing and, recently, developing her watercolor skills. She unites paint with a waterproof fine tip marker in a process that she calls "zen with a pen.". . . read more

Canadian artist Sharlena Wood shows her passion for art not only by creating it, but also by teaching and entertaining through. . . read more

Illustrator and designer Celia Chadwick doesn’t let much go to waste. After reading a magazine or newspaper she cuts it up,. . . read more

Chico Harkrader is a mixed-media painter drawn to both philosophy and experimentation. In 2003 his life took a major shift when he transitioned to from strictly representational pieces into abstract art. Along with 17 other artists in a multi-studio environment, Harkrader began experimenting with a multitude of mediums and styles.

Harkrader is. . . read more

Amy Shackleton is intrigued with the relationship between urban and rural environments. She not only paints these collaborations. . . read more

Many of us like to collect beautiful papers, old photographs, and other neat little items - yet all too often those things just. . . read more

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