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Contemporary Acrylic Painters

Brazilian painter Cristina Jaco isn’t into labels. “I think my style is impressionistic or maybe expressionistic, but. . . read more

Angela Westerman’s surreal, fantasy artwork encourages people to examine their world a bit more closely, and challenge their. . . read more

Graham “Broonzy” Williams is a colorful character from England, so it makes sense that his artwork is consistently imaginative. As a child, Graham had aspirations of becoming a titan in the cartoon industry, besting the likes of Walt Disney and Hanna Barbera.

“We all have dreams!” he said. “My. . . read more

Elke Schulz is a meticulous, serious painter, but she didn’t initially start out that way. What began as a hobby and love of. . . read more

Because of the way he paints it so clearly and effortlessly, it’s obvious Jorge Calero understands nature’s complexity.. . . read more

Originally from England, Jeni Hodgson Craig is both an exceptionally talented artist and world traveler. She has exhibited and sold her incredibly detailed, light-filled paintings everywhere from Africa and the Middle East, to the United States, throughout Europe, and even Japan.

Nowadays, when she’s not painting for pleasure or commission,. . . read more

Acrylic painter Anna Halliday grew up in Long Island, N.Y, and comes from a long line of artists, sculptors, textile designers. . . read more

When I first came across acrylic painter Barbara Clark’s work, I had to double-check to make sure she wasn’t actually a. . . read more

As an accomplished jack-of-all-trades painter, Alix Baker's portfolio includes people and places at home and abroad, in acrylic, oil or watercolor. Her time spent as a military artist has undoubtedly honed her graphic rendering skills, but nowadays, Alix prefers to paint loosely and boldly.

“At the moment, I’m working mostly in acrylic to. . . read more

Susan Easton Burns paints living things as a way of finding balance on this big blue marble of a world—intuitively,. . . read more

Abstract artist Susie Gadea has hopped from continent to continent, searching for inspiration in nature and spirituality within. . . read more

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