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Video Tutorials: Learn Drawing and Painting Techniques from Professional Artists

In today’s video, Linda Baker takes us through the same steps she uses when evaluating her paintings for clarity and contrast.. . . read more

In today's video, mixed-media artist Sean Dye is painting a golden sky into his landscape, using a few sizes of palette knives. . . read more

We all know how to use a basic eraser, right? Well, in today's video, illustrator Craig Nelson demonstrates a few very effective eraser techniques that you may not be as familiar with, which could come in handy during your next drawing. Take a look: NOTE: You can get the entire DVD tutorial, with a lot more info, at Creative Catalyst.

In today's video, watercolor expert Betty Carr demonstrates how she gets into the rhythm of painting before actually jumping into. . . read more

In today’s video, you’ll see watercolor painter Ann Pember use a single paintbrush and a few colors of green to. . . read more

In today's clip, watercolor painter Linda Baker demonstrates how to carefully lighten certain sections of a painting using only clean water, a brush, and paper towels. As she works, Linda also explains why some edges just need to be softened in order to successfully draw the eye around the painting. Take a look: NOTE: You can get Linda Baker's full watercolor training DVD at Creative Catalyst.

In the following video clip, Linda Baker will go through the 8 colors which she recommends for all beginning watercolor. . . read more

In today's video clip, Dale Laitinen discusses how to make smart choices when painting edges and angles in your compositions.. . . read more

In today's video clip Linda Baker demonstrates how easy it is to give quick texture to a watercolor piece with just a small pen knife and some ordinary table salt. As you'll see below, Linda's woodland painting requires a bark texture that isn't easily replicated using brushes alone. A small knife is just the ticket, however. . . she digs directly into the wet paint, scraping and scratching texture into the surface of the painting before adding some salt. Take a look: NOTE: You can get Linda Baker's full watercolor DVD at Creative Catalyst.

In today’s video clip, talented watercolor painter and art educator Linda Baker explains how to look at a “finished”. . . read more

Today, Linda Baker will demonstrate the basic techniques for pouring watercolors, as well as explain how she uses masking to. . . read more

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