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Video Tutorials: Learn Drawing and Painting Techniques from Professional Artists

Today, Jacqueline Sullivan is demonstrating one of her many techniques for adding texture to a painting or collage. Most of us. . . read more

In today’s video, Linda Baker takes us through the same steps she uses when evaluating her paintings for clarity and contrast.. . . read more

In today's video, mixed-media artist Sean Dye is painting a golden sky into his landscape, using a few sizes of palette knives rather than brushes. As you probably know, palette knife painting is very different from painting with brushes, both in the techniques used to apply the paint to the canvas, and in the final texture of the painting. Take a look below to see how Sean makes it work: NOTE: You can get Sean Dye's full mixed-media DVD tutorial at Creative Catalyst.

We all know how to use a basic eraser, right? Well, in today’s video, illustrator Craig Nelson demonstrates a few very. . . read more

In today's video, watercolor expert Betty Carr demonstrates how she gets into the rhythm of painting before actually jumping into. . . read more

In today's video, you'll see watercolor painter Ann Pember use a single paintbrush and a few colors of green to create the illusion of a forest of trees. I'm always impressed by artists who let their brushes do the work for them, and Ann is definitely one of those artists. Take a look as she moves her brush almost randomly, allowing small shapes and details to appear in order to give her trees a stronger sense of depth and reality: NOTE: You can also get Ann Pember's full watercolor tutorial at Creative Catalyst.

In today's clip, watercolor painter Linda Baker demonstrates how to carefully lighten certain sections of a painting using only. . . read more

In the following video clip, Linda Baker will go through the 8 colors which she recommends for all beginning watercolor. . . read more

In today's video clip, Dale Laitinen discusses how to make smart choices when painting edges and angles in your compositions. Dale starts off the clip by assessing the treeline in one of his landscape paintings. He then goes on to point out the main flaw in his composition (an unintentional focal point) and explains how to add more emphasis elsewhere in the painting to draw attention where you want it. Take a look: NOTE: Get more tips from Dale in his landscape painting DVD at Creative Catalyst.

In today's video clip Linda Baker demonstrates how easy it is to give quick texture to a watercolor painting with just a small. . . read more

In today’s video clip, talented watercolor painter and art educator Linda Baker explains how to look at a “finished”. . . read more

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