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Art and Painting Tips: Artistic Advice and In-depth Art Tutorials for Artists

Who’s your worst art critic? Be honest! It’s you, isn’t it? But it’s also true you’re the person. . . read more

Getting bright colors on a dark background can be a challenge if your favorite medium is colored pencil. The reason is simple.. . . read more

Scaling a drawing up from it's original size to the size of the final artwork isn't always easy. A lot depends on the size of the drawing you want to scale up and the size you need to make it. No method I know of works with every combination, scale ratio, or convenience level. And there's always the possibility of making difficult calculations about percentages, and whatnot. That's just no fun. . . read more

For more than 25 years portrait painting was my daily activity. In all those years, I would often hear that portrait models. . . read more

Plein air painting is an exciting way to sharpen your observation skills and grow as an artist. However, it can also be a. . . read more

There are so many ways to add texture to your paintings beside paint!

In the short demonstration video below, I’ll show you four different ways to add texture to your paintings by using various acrylic products that can be mixed with just about anything to enhance your acrylic or mixed-media paintings.

We'll explore Molding Paste, Fiber Paste, Glass Bead Gel, and. . . read more

I am a Canadian watercolourist and have been painting landscapes, florals, and buildings with lots of character for over 30. . . read more

Creating movement in your painting sounds great—but what does that actually mean, and how do you do it? We all know you. . . read more

Muddy colors are an artist's worst nightmare. What's worse, it's oh-so-easy to create muddy color. All it takes is a little too much blending, adding the wrong color, or just using too many colors. We all know how to make muddy color, don't we?

But how do you fix muddy color once it happens?

It's easy with oil paint or acrylics. Wait for the paint to dry, cover up the. . . read more

If you’re new to hand-lettering, you’ve probably collected a few bullet-tipped markers. As shown in the first photo below,. . . read more

For centuries, artists have told their students and proteges to invest in the best tools possible: the best marble and chisels,. . . read more

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