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Drawing Tips: Learn to Sketch and Draw Better with these Tutorials

A calligrapher’s mission is to bring words to life. When a clients ask me how a verse becomes a work of art, or what my process. . . read more

Everyone’s monogram has endless creative potential. We’ve all seen a renewed popularity of letters on jewelry, linens and. . . read more

When you put color onto paper with colored pencil, the color stays exactly where you put it. No easy washing. No easy blending. Creating detail requires time AND patience.

Of course, there are certain methods for putting color onto paper in more productive ways. That begins with the basic pencil strokes,. . . read more

It’s spring in California and flowers are already blooming! So I brought gardening thoughts into my studio and created this. . . read more

NOTE: Before I begin, I want to mention that the process I’m about to describe is entirely intuitive. I’m not guaranteeing it. . . read more

Calligraphers can always enhance their creativity by setting goals and consistently practicing their art. Here are a few methods I teach:

1. Fill pages with a single letter of the alphabet

If you’re a beginning calligrapher, take an empty page and focus on a single letter. Write the date at the top (for reference) and then fill the paper with whichever. . . read more

There are many ways to transfer drawings from one surface to another: Light boxes. Opaque projectors. Drawing freehand, or with a. . . read more

It isn’t by accident that I teach students brush illustration before we begin working on the ABC’s. There’s a little. . . read more

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about trying something new (right?) So today I wanted to answer a few questions about drawing supports, beginning with the most frequent questions that I come across:

1. Do I have to draw on paper?

The short answer is no. While most colored pencil artists (and dry media artists of all types, for that matter). . . read more

Does choosing the right color when drawing or painting always seem like a gamble? Every artist benefits from taking the time to. . . read more

How do you know which colors to use for colored pencil drawings? More specifically, how do you know which colors make the best. . . read more

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