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Drawing Tips: Learn to Sketch and Draw Better with these Tutorials

It’s spring in California and flowers are already blooming! So I brought gardening thoughts into my studio and created this. . . read more

NOTE: Before I begin, I want to mention that the process I’m about to describe is entirely intuitive. I’m not guaranteeing it. . . read more

Calligraphers can always enhance their creativity by setting goals and consistently practicing their art. Here are a few methods I teach:

1. Fill pages with a single letter of the alphabet

If you’re a beginning calligrapher, take an empty page and focus on a single letter. Write the date at the top (for reference) and then fill the paper with whichever. . . read more

There are many ways to transfer drawings from one surface to another: Light boxes. Opaque projectors. Drawing freehand, or with a. . . read more

It isn’t by accident that I teach students brush illustration before we begin working on the ABC’s. There’s a little. . . read more

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about trying something new (right?) So today I wanted to answer a few questions about drawing supports, beginning with the most frequent questions that I come across:

1. Do I have to draw on paper?

The short answer is no. While most colored pencil artists (and dry media artists of all types, for that matter). . . read more

Does choosing the right color when drawing or painting always seem like a gamble? Every artist benefits from taking the time to. . . read more

How do you know which colors to use for colored pencil drawings? More specifically, how do you know which colors make the best. . . read more

As a colored pencil artist, I've found that soft-focus backgrounds (like the kind you see in many photographs, especially portraits) are excellent backdrops for equine and animal portraits as well.

Just like in a photo, these ephemeral, colored backgrounds lend a sense of space to a colored pencil portrait that might otherwise be lacking pictorial depth.

So, in this article. . . read more

One of the best ways to learn about your chosen medium is to ask questions. Find people who are doing what you want to do—and. . . read more

Recently, I wrote an article describing how I use Photoshop to explore redesigning a drawing. (If you missed that tutorial, feel. . . read more

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