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Motivation and Inspiration for Aspiring and Professional Artists

Is there ever a right time to give up on a particular artistic medium? And if so, how do you know that time is right now?. . . read more

Have you ever wished it was just a little bit easier to hang your artwork? Framing, matting, measure, hammering. . . it’s. . . read more

Award-winning portrait artist, Timothy Chambers, has just released a new book. . . a coloring book for adults called Seeing Beautiful Through the Journey of Life. He'd probably be the first to admit he never expected to write and publish a coloring book. But then again, his journey hasn't ever been a typical one.

. . . read more

You want to be happy, no matter what life sends your way? The first thing you need to understand is that happiness is a choice.. . . read more

Most people would agree that working as an artist is quite different from working in an office or going to a full-time job. As an. . . read more

NOTE: Today's article isn’t about the technical transaction of selling. It’s not about how to sell your artwork, either. Instead, it’s about transferring ownership of your artwork, or letting go of your art so someone else can enjoy it.

Have you ever had a favorite song, only to find out it was written to mean something entirely different from the way you understood. . . read more

Making art can be a struggle—and for many artists, the idea of “quitting” always lurks in the background. Now, when. . . read more

This is what I know: art is power I just celebrated a decade birthday. I’m gathering up my blessings, taking stock. Have I. . . read more

There IS a formula to improve your art skills. Are you using it?

When people tell me they are bad at art, what they really mean is “I can’t draw realistically.” There's also the feeling that if people ask you to draw on command in public, well, your ability to do so (and accurately no less) is a full measure of your ability.

What if I told you there is research-based. . . read more

Psychologists tell us that there are 2 main motivators in life—the fear of loss and the wish for gain. Depending on your. . . read more

Over the years I’ve shared many different step-by-step tutorials, both here at EE and at my own blog. They range in subject. . . read more

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