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General Art Advice: Ideas, Inspiration, and Helpful Tips for Artists

Do you sell art in two or more different mediums? Maybe sometimes you work on paper with dry media (pencils, charcoal, etc) and. . . read more

I know, I know. You’re busy. You’re trying to create top-quality art, promote that art or your art business, work a full- or. . . read more

We’re all busy these days. Work. Family. Community activities and other commitments. You don’t have to see a person’s daily planner to know they’re rushing from one thing to another. You have only to look out your window. Or at all the traffic with you on your commute.

And of course, artists are no different. We’re all looking for ways to fit art into an already busy. . . read more

Today I’m going to answer three anonymous questions asked by EmptyEasel readers. The questions are wide-ranging, but each. . . read more

Success in art is often determined by the number of pieces sold, or the price paid for the artwork. Failure is typically. . . read more

I recently participated in a group Facebook conversation with an artist who was making the switch to creating art full-time.

She got a lot of great advice on how to find her niche and other aspects being a full-time artist, but the discussion got me to thinking about artists and day jobs—and what we rarely talk about when it comes to making the switch.

And. . . read more

“So, do you just wait for something to inspire you?” That’s a question I hear all the time. . . and it reveals a common. . . read more

Like the elephant in the middle of the room, expectations are rarely the topic of conversation at art events. We could save a lot. . . read more

One of my favorite parts of being a high school teacher was teaching IB Art, a two year art program. There was a moment every year when a frustrated student, who felt their art was boring or too similar to everyone else’s, discovered the common thread that connected all the artwork they'd been making.

Being witness to that lightbulb moment was magic.

Today’s message may. . . read more

Editor’s note: Recently I caught up with Dianne Panarelli Miller, a Boston-based plein air painter who also happens to do. . . read more

Every week we receive questions from new artists on what it takes to become a successful artist. The truth is, there is nothing. . . read more

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