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Art Marketing Tips: Techniques for Promoting and Marketing Your Art

If you are serious about marketing yourself as an artist and have a budget to hire an art-marketing guru, then consider whether. . . read more

Community art exhibits are a great way to get a range of artists from the local community to exhibit their work together. Not. . . read more

If you’ve ever tried to sell your artwork in person, you’ve probably read or been told that it’s beneficial to listen to your customers, and invite them to talk about themselves. That way, they will remember having a pleasant experience with you, and be more inclined to purchase something.

It's good advice in person, and for those of us blogging about our art, it's good advice. . . read more

So you’ve put together a local art exhibition—that’s great! Now you need to recruit artists for your show, and promote. . . read more

Over the past several years, Facebook has grown into a powerful networking tool that allows artists to really expand their fan. . . read more

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that's fast becoming the "news" source for everyday people, by everyday people. While it can be used to stay in touch with friends and family, many small businesses, including artists, have used Twitter to help increase sales, build brand recognition, and drive traffic to online stores When used correctly, Twitter can promote. . . read more

LinkedIn is a professional network designed to help like-minded business people connect, share their resumes, and locate work. By. . . read more

Did you know that placing an advertisement in a local paper or magazine can be a cost-effective way to reach art buyers? Many. . . read more

Quite a while back I wrote an article explaining how to insert a YouTube video into one of your blog posts. Then I showed you how to make your YouTube channel a marketing. . . read more

Using social media to promote your art business can be tricky. Social media rules are forever changing and it’s up to us,. . . read more

Back in March I wrote an article describing how 6 business owners created the perfect taglines for their businesses. Today,. . . read more

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