Advertising Art Online: Information on CPM and PPC Advertising Options for Artists

As an individual artist with a web site (from which I sell my own art, write a blog, and run a Cafepress shop) I decided to give Google Adwords a try to raise more awareness of my cat themed art and gifts.. . . read more
My experiment with Google Adwords was somewhere between success and failure. I DID get visitors to EmptyEasel through my ads, and I DO believe that any other artist could do the same for their own website. However. . . . . . read more
Finally. . . I'm getting some visitors through my ads! If you’ve been following along in my Adwords for Artists series, you know that I hadn’t seen very good results from the first advertising campaign I tried. But, after revising my strategy, the last few weeks have gone a lot better. .. . . read more
Today's article is the third in my ongoing series entitled Adwords for Artists. I thought it'd be a good idea to quickly go through all the tools and features that Adwords has available, and show which ones might be the most helpful for artists advertising their art on the internet.. . . read more
If you’re an artist thinking about advertising your art through Adwords, don’t expect immediate success without a little experimentation. I say that because after two weeks of running an ad campaign I’ve had only two clicks. Not great, but I DID learn a lot about how to improve. . . . . . read more
A few weeks ago I joined Adwords (Google's advertising program) to learn for myself how cost-per-click advertising works. The following article is the first in my new series about using Google’s Adwords program to advertise art online. . . . . . read more
Last week I explained how artists could target art buyers through Facebook's new advertising program. Today I'll pick up right where I left off and talk about writing and bidding on Facebook ads for the best results.. . . read more
Artists, have you ever considered advertising your art with Facebook ads? Facebook has always been a large social network, but now it has a brilliant way to advertise to its millions of users using highly targeted ads.. . . read more

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