How to Find Motivated Buyers for Your Art. . . While Saving Lives, Too!

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It is rare for an art website to automatically connect you with highly motivated buyers. It is rarer still for an art website to have a humanitarian component, donating proceeds to quite literally save lives. That’s the compelling concept behind

It’s actually a simple idea, and I’ve been using it myself for several months now.

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Here’s how PostandPaint works:

1. Potential buyers post a photo of something dear to them.

The person will also designate the size, shape and preferred medium of the finished artwork, as well as their preferred price range. Whereas most fine artists paint what they love and hope to find buyers, this website connects artists with people who already have an emotional interest in the image they’ve uploaded.

Photo on left, painting on right. The completed painting was sold through PostandPaint.

There is a $10 per photo donation for them to post a photo. One hundred percent of those donations are given to a non-profit organization. Currently it is Hands of Freedom, a group saving impoverished women and children in India.

2. Artists create a painting based on the photo.

It is free to register as an artist. You can peruse the uploaded photos and pick the ones that interest you most. Create your painting and upload a photo of the finished artwork. You get to set your own price, too (although it’s a good idea to stay within the preferred price range set by the potential buyer).

3. Your finished painting can now be purchased.

If the potential buyer likes how it turned out, and they are good with the price, they can click to purchase. Now they have a custom piece of artwork for their home that actually means something to them! If they decide not to buy the finished artwork, you’re free to sell it to another customer.

Photo on left, painting on right. The completed painting was sold through PostandPaint.

I am a veteran of several one-man shows as well as numerous juried shows. I’ve also sold prints of my work nationally. But times are especially challenging for artists right now. . . not only has the computer revolution made it tough for traditional artists to survive in this industry, but many of this year’s art shows and festivals have been cancelled. People are out of work with less disposable income.

I am grateful to for providing a venue for traditional artwork to thrive. Favorite photos and cherished memories deserve to be preserved as fine art, and if you’re a traditional artist yourself, I definitely encourage you to support—it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Keith Grove - Wildlife Painter

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