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A Creative Journey – Daily artblog by Karen Winters with thoughts, sketches, and watercolor paintings.

All the Strange Hours – Discussion and insight into art by David Rourke.

Amateur Illustrator – A full-featured online community for illustrators and artists

Art & Life – Jan Blencowe’s plein air paintings.

Art Biz Blog – Alyson B. Stanfield writes about the business side of being an artist.

Art Deadlines List – Upcoming deadlines and opportunities for artists in a monthly newsletter format.

Art Industri – The world of art at your fingertips, including artist portfolios, ecards, resources, kids stuff, reference guides, free email, magazine and web design.

Art News Blog – Random art-related news from around the web.

Art Print Issues – Barney Davey’s art print blog, focusing on the business side of reproducing art.

ArtFlock.com – Open to all artists: Display your original 2D and 3D artwork for sale.

ArtID – ArtID has both free and paid membership levels for artists who want to display their art online.

Artist By Nature – Leanne Wildermuth’s website, based on her art of animal portraiture, illustration, and photography.

Artist Hideout – William Lehman’s art blog for developing artists.

Artist Rising – Sell original work or reproductions through Artist Rising.

Artists Network – Smaller forum for artists of any medium.

ArtLex Art Dictionary – Definitions of thousands of Art terms and movements, alphabetized and indexed for searching.

ArtPapa Forum – Traditional oil painting forum.

ArtsJournal – Daily digest of arts, culture, and ideas. An excellent resource for artists everywhere.

Bachman Art Studio – Lisa Bachman’s website and art blog.

Belinda Del Pesco – Monotypes, watercolors, and mixed media paintings by Belinda Del Pesco.

Bogota Painter William K. Moore – Unique watercolor portraits from south of the US border.

Boise Wedding Photography – Photography blog and website of Luke Montgomery, a portrait and wedding photographer in Boise, Idaho

BoundlessGallery.com – Choose your membership level and commission rate, then display and sell your work online.

By Danny Gregory – Danny Gregory’s blog on drawing, art, creativity, and more.

California Painter William Wray – Painting the urban desolation and industrial landscapes of California.

Camilla Engman – Beautifully minimal line drawings, illustrations, and photographs by Camilla Engman.

Carol Marine’s Painting a Day – Boldy colorful paintings by Carol Marine. One of my favorite daily painters.

Chewing Pencils – Matt Glover’s blog on cartooning.

Craftmonkeys – A fascinating look at the work of designer, painter, and illustrator, Amanda Kavanagh.

Creative Catalyst Productions – Educational art videos and DVDs for any level of artist.

Daily Art West – Small paintings by Don Gray.

Daily Paintings by Justin Clayton – Consistent daily paintings: check it out every day.

Dani Draws – Great tutorials and video demos for digital artists.

DeviantArt.com – Forum for the next generation of artists: Heavily influenced by anime and manga.

Dick Blick Art Materials – Dick Blick usually has good sales or closeout prices for art supplies.

Drawer – Great scribbles and sketches by collage artist Warren Craghead

Drawn – A blog on illustration, cartooning, and animation.

DrawSketch at About.com – All the information about drawing you’ll ever need, from Helen South

Edward_Winkleman – An interesting look into the art world and current art trends. Written by New York art gallery owner, Edward Winkleman.

Everyday Paintings – Paintings of all sizes by David R. Darrow. Available each day on Ebay.

Fine Art Views – Online art marketing information from Clint Watson.

FoundMyself.com – Online art forum plus gallery options for artists.

Gastrono-Me – Great little sketchblog by Evy from the Netherlands.

Hankblog – A blog on art in general and upcoming exhibits at the Henry Art Gallery in Washington.

I’m Not Okay – Strong opinon, well-crafted words, and fascinating sketches: a good read any day.

Ice-cream Monster Toon Cafe – Fun, colorful sketches and illustrations by Alina Chau.

Imagekind – Promote your own online art gallery and sell prints of your work.

InkFinger – Random scribbles and illustrations by Niff and Sutter (Jennifer Nicholls and Matt Sutter).

Insert Name Here – A diverse collection of excellent artwork by Fabio Lignini, Luis Grane, Jakob Jensen, Arnaud Berthier, and Simon Otto.

Inspire Me Thursday – A wonderful website updated with weekly inspiration and encouragement for artists.

Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog – San Francisco artist Jana Bouc’s sketchbook illustrations and watercolor paintings.

JMG Artblog – Art news and reviews by Jeff Green

Laurelines – Watercolor paintings and pencil sketches of Laura Frankstone’s travels, art projects, and everyday sketches.

Learning Daily – Delightful illustrations and sketches from Cindy Woods.

Lines and Colors – Charley Parker’s blog about art, illustration, cartoons, webdesign, and Flash animation.

Little Paintings from Orangeville – Beautiful small paintings by Louis A. Boileau.

Madison Art Supplies – Madison Art Supplies offers discounts on items like easels, pre-stretched canvases, and more.

Making a Mark – Katherine Tyrrell’s art journal, about the process of making art, and the reasons why we do.

Mattias Inks – Whimsical stories and sketches by Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson.

Miniature Masterpieces – Small original oil paintings by Darren Maurer.

Modern Art Notes – Tyler Green’s blog on modern and contemporary art. Featured by ArtsJournal Magazine.

MoHDI – Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas.

MyArtPlot.com – Complete social network for artists, including an art marketplace.

On Learning – Greg Kapka’s painting blog about the process and tools he uses.

On Painting – Greg Kapka is one of the best young painters I’ve seen. Usually updated weekly.

Online Visual Artists – Artist forum geared toward selling and marketing your art.

Original Art Online – Post original artwork for sale: no commission fee.

Original Paintings by Karin Jurick – No longer updating daily, but with a large gallery of fantastic paintings. Well worth a visit.

Painting at About.com – A lot of great art and painting information every day from Marion Boddy-Evans.

Painting Space: Daily Painter – Southwestern paintings by KM Withers.

Paintings for a Lifetime – Fine art paintings by Rebecca Finch.

Paintings in Oil – Extremely realistic oil paintings by Neil Hollingsworth.

Pataphysics – Each issue contains interviews, photography, theory, art projects, fiction & questionnaires based around particular theme.

Penelope Illustration – Personal illustration blog of Penelope Dullaghan, founder of IllustrationFriday.com.

Postcard from Puniho – Postcard-size paintings from New Zealand artist Paul Hutchinson

Speed of Life – Thoughts on Art by contemporary painter Gregg Chadwick.

State of the Art – A painting a day from Jeff Hayes.

Struggling to Paint – Paintings (and painting process) by Chuck Rose.

Stunned.org – Dublin based website focusing on new media art but also featuring art news from around the world.

TalentDatabase.com – A highly diverse community of artists, musicians, writers, and more.

The Daily Painter – Megan Lightell’s daily paintings.

The Museum of Modern Art – MOMA’s website with events, exhibits and more, all about modern art.

The Red Shoes – Colorful small paintings by Sarah Wimperis, oil painter, illustrator, and author.

The ZehnKatzen Times – Samuel John Klein’s design blog.

Timeline of Art History – Presented by the Metroplolitan Museum of Art, this interactive website features the complete history of art, incorporating geographical, chronological, and thematic contexts.

Tommy Kane – Illustrated thoughts and random sketches by commercial artist Tommy Kane.

True Eye – Very cool Webzine that showcases art, paintings, and photography online.

Ward-O-Matic – Art, animation, and retro design, with commentary provided by Ward Jenkins.

We Make Money not Art – Design, architecture, and more come together in this blog.

WetCanvas – A very good art forum for artists of every medium. I highly recommend it.

Whateverings – Daily blog by the very talented illustrator, Paula Becker.

YourArtLinks.com – Internet directory of resources and personal art websites.

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