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Diana Marshall: Classic Yet Modern Still Life Oil Paintings

Only in exploring the cultures of remarkably different countries did oil painter Diana Marshall discover her love of painting. Originally from London, England, Diana’s hobby transformed into a career as she traveled from Germany to southern Spain before finally settling in County Galway in Western Ireland. Through her travels, she found art to be an exciting commonality, no matter how unique it was to each country.

Today, Diana paints incredibly realistic still lifes primarily on canvas or panels, as you will see below. Her artwork brims with texture, color and style.

Limey Intruder shows Diana’s humor for her craft, as one lime sits rather awkwardly next to the dominating presence of three large lemons. The lime seems to be facing away from its company, unsure of where it may fit into the big picture.


I came across a quote from former American basketball player and coach John Wooden known for his inspiration quotes to players: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen,” he said.

Isn’t that the truth? In this painting, the lime is the center of attention. With its different color, detailed peel showing each and every indention, and luxurious shine, it’s no wonder the lemons feel intruded upon!

Featuring a simple ambiance and rustic charm, Rainier Cherries below comes across as homey and inviting—rather different from the tart fruit tableau seen above!


Warmth radiates from the flushed red of the cherries and in the reflecting bronze of the antique pitcher and bowl. Even the wooden table’s clean sheen and dark finish are welcoming. If that’s not enough, the realistic, vivid reflection of the fruit practically screams “the more the merrier!”

Further proof of Diana’s lighthearted side is the humorously named Left Hanging painting, seen below. These grapes may be left hanging, but I doubt it’ll be for too long based on how they appear to be bursting with plump, juicy goodness.


Freshly washed and at the height of their ripeness, the grapes are so realistic that I’m wondering if I can pluck one or two straight from the painting! Altogether, it’s a beautiful display of a simple fruit that is both captivating and elegant.

And believe it or not, Diana’s impressiveness doesn’t end with her still life paintings.

To get a more complete understanding of her unique style and talents, make sure to visit her website. Besides still lifes, you’ll also fnd a portfolio brimming with figurative pieces, pond settings and experimental collage paintings. I encourage you to take a look today!

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