This Week: 11/4 through 11/10

Published on Nov. 4th 2012

Since this week marks 6 full years that has been online, I’ll be taking the week off to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. . .

OK, that’s not quite true. :)

I’m also launching a new service for artists that I think you’re going to LOVE, and in reality, that’s what’s going to keep me busy all week.

Ready for it? Here it is:

We’ve created a “NO WORK” website solution for artists.

That means no artwork uploading, no photo-editing, no writing descriptions, no tagging images, no designing or coding, no software downloads, no logging into an online account. . . none of that.

All that stuff still gets done, you just don’t have to do it. :)

Our service is called Hands Free Artist Websites, and we designed it to be TRULY hands free. If you hate getting stuck behind a computer, or if you want more time in the studio, or with your kids, then this service is tailor-made for you.

At the same time, we guarantee you’ll have a professional, up-to-date website for your art that you can be proud of.

If that sounds appealing, you can learn more here—we describe how it works in detail, and trust me, it really is the simplest solution you’ll find online.

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